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I am a client here at Ascent Audiology, every time I come here I am greeted with a smile, and I feel they aim to please their clients. Their main concern is to make you comfortable, and satisfied with their services and products. I've been to a few places, and...

Maria Brown, on Google

Having worn hearing aids for 38 years, I've found Dr. Kuster's knowledge and product far superior to all previous providers. Outstanding results with excellent followup care and service. 5 stars by all means!

Bill Wright, on Google

I did not expect to meet such a fine human beings and I am extremely impressed with Dr. Paul Kustner. Very professional, competent and knowledgeable. Wendy is another jewel, she is patient listen’s well and does her best to address the problem. I am very happy and fortunate that I...

Niv Hamid, on Google

Best after sale support I can imagine! I have gone from a frustrating world of not being able to understand what speech I was hearing to a relaxed world of understanding every word spoken to me and on TV. Hats of to Dr. Kuster for his ability to apply modern...

Dale Hundley, on Google

Dr. Kuster is the real deal. Not only is he knowledgeable in his craft but He actually cares about each of his clients. Just when I thought I lost my career as a nurse Dr. Kuster and his wife worked with me. Trust me if you are having hearing problems...

Chavonne, on Google

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