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Mother visiting, forgot domes, cant hear anything without hearing aids, and this place worked her in as a walk in, examined her ear to make sure there was nothing in the canal, obstructive, potential infection risk: and then stopped everything to search their samples to see if they had a "sample" that worked with her model (not one they carry)....... and then didn't charge her because they understand and consider the "quality of life" issues surrounding hearing, more important than the payment process. Wonderful, considerate staff, patient doctor: really where I'm going for MY next hearing check!!
Pam Horkan, on Google+
I would highly recommend Ascent Audiology. They are very knowledgeable, professional and understanding. Nobody wants to admit to hearing loss, but when you finally do this is the Doctor you need to see.
D. T. Labbe, on Google+
After working in the Highway and Bridge construction industry for 40+ years my hearing had deteriorated. I received a warm welcome and was treated with respect and kindness. My wife was asked to sit in on the hearing test to become aware of my specific type of hearing loss. I could hear quite well but experienced a loss of comprehension. Some words just didn't sound correct. Dr. Kuster was very thorough in his testing and recommended the most effective devices for me. I have been wearing these devices for nearly 6 years and have been pleased with the devices and the service I have received in this practice. I would recommend them to anyone that is experiencing hearing or comprehension loss.
Jim Sabo, on Google+
Dr. Kuster is amazing! He is exceptionally professional and the most caring doctor I've ever been to!
Molly Ray, on Google+

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