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After working in the Highway and Bridge construction industry for 40+ years my hearing had deteriorated. I received a warm welcome and was treated with respect and kindness. My wife was asked to sit in on the hearing test to become aware of my specific type of hearing loss. I could hear quite well but experienced a loss of comprehension. Some words just didn't sound correct. Dr. Kuster was very thorough in his testing and recommended the most effective devices for me. I have been wearing these devices for nearly 6 years and have been pleased with the devices and the service I have received in this practice. I would recommend them to anyone that is experiencing hearing or comprehension loss.
Jim Sabo, on Google+
I got a Christmas miracle! I have had tinnitus for over 40 years and hearing loss. I had gone to a few doctors over the years and they said nothing could be done. Dr. Kuster was outstanding! He tested my ears and the software he used showed the loss. I was fitted with hearing aids and can hear better then I have in so many years! The device also masks the high pitch ringing of tinnitus!! Like I said, “A Christmas Miracle!” I am so happy. Thank you Dr. Kuster!!
Diane C., on Google+
Dr. Kuster is amazing. My father has been going to him for years. I have been going with him lately as my father is starting to need some help. I have been extremely impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. He is so outgoing and friendly. He makes you feel so comfortable. And I recently discovered from Dr. Kuster that hearing loss contributes to cognitive decline. So the hearing aids for my father have helped him cognitively as well. Thank you Dr. Kuster for helping my father. It helped my whole family as well. We no longer had to spell things so my father could understand what we were saying. I no longer had to wonder if he heard what I said or had just agreed to what he thought I had said. The staff has been wonderful as well. You can tell everyone actually cares about the people they help.
angela madison, on Google+
I am a client here at Ascent Audiology, every time I come here I am greeted with a smile, and I feel they aim to please their clients. Their main concern is to make you comfortable, and satisfied with their services and products. I've been to a few places, and this place makes me feel not only comfortable, but makes me feel safe with the products they offer. They explain everything in full detail, answer any and all questions with no doubts. I recommend any and everyone that is in need of help to hear, to visit Ascent Audiology. I promise you will be truly satisfied and will not look any further. Thank you to Mrs. Wendy, and Mr. Paul for their warm hospitality, excellent customer service, and products. I will not go anywhere else. You both are Awesome! !!!!!
Maria Brown, on Google+
Hearing with precision after many years was the goal. My story has many details however, this is not the article to discuss those details. After being retired for many years from serving in the military where I was exposed to extremely high noise environments my hearing had reached a point that hearing aids were warranted. The VA agreed that my hearing had reached a point that hearing aids were warranted, however, my loss of hearing could not be linked to my time of service, therefore, the hearing devices would not be provided by the VA and I was required to purchase them on my own. A friend introduced me to Doctor Paul Kuster of Ascent Audiology & Hearing in Fredericksburg, VA. Upon arriving at his office, I was warmly greeted by his competent staff. Doctor Kuster soon warmly introduced himself and conducted comprehensive hearing tests. Upon the conclusion of the tests hearing devices were recommended. We discussed that my hearing loss may be a factor causing me to struggle in certain situations to comprehend important information, impacting my cognitive processing and rendering accurate decisions. Realizing this would be a major investment and at my request, he presented a number of devices for my consideration. He provided Pro’s and Con’s on each presented device and then left the selection process that best fit my financial situation. After my purchase follows up appointments were scheduled to ensure the devices were working as designed and to investigate any hearing related problems. Doctor Kuster was interested in my opinion on the new devices. I informed him that a few self-inflicted learning lessons had been discovered. I had to learn that putting my glasses on was different and I needed to be careful not to hit the button of the aids that change the signals of the device, my ears itched at times and I was leaning when to switch the input signals during different environments. He gave me suggestions to deal with each situation. We scheduled a long-term follow-on appointment. The Professionalism, Integrity, Knowledge, and caring displayed by Dr. Kuster and his staff is noteworthy and is appreciated by me. My quality of life has without a doubt been changed. I now tell my wife to turn the TV down and not talk so loud. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone who is open-minded, looking and willing to accept results that are sometimes hard to accept.
Tommy Pittman, on Google+

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